Brand New Site, Same Great Fasteners

Welcome to the new! To put it simply, and our car enthusiast customers will understand, we've custom built the "Corvette" of websites. Check out our upgraded pages and review the sections and videos below for information on some of the new features designed to create the easiest and most efficient fastener buying experience on the internet!

Product Pages & Volume Pricing Subscriptions & Rapid Reorder Fast & Easy Checkout Quick Order Tool Wishlists

Product Pages & Volume Pricing

We've made our product lists into grids, making it easier to order multiple sizes and quantities. Perhaps the most drastic change of our new site is the way that products can be ordered. Instead of checking a box to select a 25, 100 or 1000 pack and entering the quantity of each pack, now you can skip the checkbox (unless you want a subscription...we'll cover that in another section) and just enter how many of each pack size or individual piece you want to order! Simply click into the box below a package quantity and type in how many packs you would like.

Best of all, this new grid enables us to offer you true volume pricing, which means that if you order a 100 pack and a 25 pack of the same item, you pay the 100 pack price per piece for the total quantity! Now you always pay the lowest price per piece when ordering custom quantities, and your shopping cart will show you the exact price you are paying per piece.

Volume Pricing Grid

In the example above, we are ordering 125 pieces of #6 x 3/4" and 500 pieces of #6 x 5/8" screws. The total quantity and price of each line item is displayed in the right hand column, with a page total price displaying at the bottom. Click "Add to Cart" to add all entered quantities on the page to your cart.

In addition to the pricing grid, we have also created related items grids that are frequently used with the fastener that you are looking at. Related items could be nuts, washers, drill bits, anti-seize, power bits, and more in matching sizes to the item. All items can be added without leaving the page! by clicking "Add To Cart". We have also added a carousel of recommended items that may go with the item you are looking at, which makes getting everything you need for your project even easier.

Subscriptions & Rapid Reorder

Fastener Subscriptions

Do you find yourself placing the same order, time and time again, in order to keep your bins stocked and your projects together? We have designed two new features to save you time with this process. If you want to truly “set it and forget it”, practically all of our products are available for bi-weekly, monthly or annual subscriptions that can be selected as you are adding the product to your cart! This means that you can pick an item, select how often you want it delivered, securely store your payment method and we will place the order for you right on time without you needing to lift a finger!

Our second time saving method is the Rapid Reorder page. When viewing your order history, if you find an order that you would like to place again, simply enter the quantity you would like to reorder and hit "Add To Cart" boom and head to checkout directly from that page!

Subscription ordering is only enabled if you are logged in and have a valid credit card saved in your wallet.

Fast Checkout & Wallet

We've simplified the checkout experience to make getting your parts as easy as 1-2-3. You can store multiple billing addresses, shipping addresses, and credit cards in your account for fast and easy checkout.

  1. Customer Info - Enter your Contact Information, Shipping Address and Billing Address. If this is your first purchase, create an account and store your information for future purchases. If you are a returning customer, simply log in to your account and autofill this information.
  2. Shipping and Payment Selection - Select a shipping method from a list of options (from FREE Managed Shipping to Premium Overnight) and select a payment method. On this page you can also add any notes you would like us to see while fulfilling your order.
  3. Payment Information - This one is pretty self explanatory. Enter your credit card or purchase order number and click "Complete Order" to send your selection out for the careful and fast fulfillment of our warehouse staff!

Your wallet in your account allows you to store multiple credit cards, making checkout faster. Storing a card in your wallet allows for subscription product delivery.

Quick Order Tool

Quick Order Tool

Do you have a list of item numbers or SKUs you looking to order? Do you have a team of people shopping on our site? Sometimes someone else needs to place an order for you, or you have a packing slip on your hands that you want to reorder from. Our Quick Order Tool makes this process even faster! Search for a product either by name or by item code and select a size, enter your quantity and add the every item directly to the cart with the push of a button.



You can now build "wishlists" or "project shopping lists" over time and save them for later checkout. Our previous site could did not allow for wishlist or cart building, and wouldn't even save carts for a few days, but this is an issue of the past with our new Wishlist functionality! Shop our site just like you would if you were going to place an order, but instead of selcting "Add to Cart", click the Wishlist icon to add your selected products to a list that can be found in your account page at any time. These lists are easily transferred into the shopping cart for fast and easy checkout. If you add an item to your cart and then decide that you do not want to purchase it, you can always hit "Save for later" and it will be added to your wishlist for purchase at a later date.

To Our Valued Customers...

We want to make the transition to our new site as smooth as possible. As they say, "If you see something, say something" and please let us know about any issues or confusion you have while navigating our upgraded pages. Write a short summary of the issue, take a screenshot, and email [email protected] or visit the Contact Us (link) page and share the details of your experience so we can continue our efforts to provide the easiest fastener shopping experience online.