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18-8 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Two Way Lock Nuts

Two Way Reversible Lock Nuts

Hex Centerlock All Metal Lock Nuts

Two way Reversible Lock Nuts (also known as Centerlock Nuts) get their name because of their functionality and ability to be used either top-up, or top-down. Two Way Lock Nuts feature indentations on the outside flats of the nut, distorting the internal threads to increase resistance on the mating part. This creates a locking mechanism in the center of the nut.

Having the locking portion within the hex nut offers several benefits including versatility in application, speed of application (which helps on assembly lines), and application environment versatility. All metal lock nuts can be used in high heat or highly corrosive applications where a nylon insert would not be suitable. Bolts or Screws used with Two Way Reversible Lock Nuts can also be shorter than the nut, because the locing occurs in the center. For this reason, the end of thee bolt or screw does not have to extend beyond the end of the nut.