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Turnbuckle Assembly - Jaw and Eye - Carbon Steel

Turnbuckle Assembly - Jaw and Eye - Hot Dipped Galvanized

Jaw and Eye Turnbuckle

Turnbuckle Assemblies

Jaw and Eye Forged Turnbuckles

Forged Turnbuckle Assemblies, also known as stretching screws or bottle screws, are devices used to adjust the tension or length of ropes, cables, tie rods, and other tensioning systems. Turnbuckles in this selection consist of an open frame or body and an eye bolt and jaw bolt end fitting. One end of a turnbuckle's core is left hand threaded and the other end is right hand threaded allowing precise adjustment of the tension and length to be permitted by simply rotating the turnbuckle frame itself, without twisting the turnbuckle fittings or the ropes, wires, or cables they are attached to.

Turnbuckle assemblies with jaw and eye end fittings from Albany County Fasteners are Drop Forged, Passivated and Electropolished for a durable corrosion resistant finish. Forged Turnbuckles are available in carbon steel, hot dipped galvanized steel, and 316 stainless steel.

Turnbuckles should only be applied in a straight, in-line manner only. Keep in mind that the larger the thread diameter of the end fitting, the more load capacity the turnbuckle will have. The longer the length of the turnbuckle body, the more slack it can take when tightening or loosening the turnbuckle.

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