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Torx Machine Screws

Torx Truss Head Machine Screws

6 Lobe Stainless Steel Machine Screws

Torx Truss Head Machine Screws feature an oversized and undercut domed head with a Torx Drive, also referred to as 6 Lobe. Torx drive machine screws are often used with nuts as well as driven into tapped holes. In practice, they tend to be mostly available in smaller sizes and the smaller sizes are referred to as screws, or less ambiguously as machine screws, although some kinds of machine screw can be referred to as stove bolts.

Torx Drive Screws are designed so the driver will not slip out of the fastener as will a Phillips drive, since the driver is not inherently centered on the fastener.) A benefit/disadvantage of non-typical fasteners (depending on your point of view) is that it can be more difficult for users of a device to disassemble it than if more-common head types were used. The Torx, or 6 Lobe Drive reduces the chance of fastener stripping, allowing for a higher torque installation.

Stainless Steel Torx Truss Head Machine Screws feature an oversized head with an undercut bottom and a low profile domed top. 6 Lobe Truss Head Machine Screws are also known as Mushroom Head Screws, due to the size and undercut of the screw head. Truss Head Screws have a lower profile than Pan Head Screws, which is meant to prevent tampering or accidental loosening, as well as distributing the force of the installation over a wider diameter. Torx 6 Lobe Flat Head Machine Screws in 18-8 Stainless Steel are corrosion and rust resistant in applications exposed to fresh water or moisture, ensuring a durable fastener assembly.