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Torx 6 Lobe T Handle Screwdrivers T10 - T20 x 4" Length

Torx 6 Lobe T Handle Screwdrivers T25 - T27 x 6" Length

Torx 6 Lobe T Handle Screwdrivers T30 - T40 x 8" Length

Torx 6 Lobe T Handle Screwdrivers

Torx Screwdrivers with two 6 Lobe Drive Ends

T-Handle Torx Screwdrivers offer several benefits over a standard screwdriver for manual applications. These benefits come from the design of the handle itself. T Handle Torx Screwdrivers feature two drive ends, each varying in length, for maximum versatility. The shorter end can be used in tighter spaces, while the longer end creates greater torque with less manual effort. This results in a tighter application of an installed fastener, as well as reducing cam outs and stripping of the fastener drive. T Handle Torx screwdrivers can be spun more quickly than a traditional screwdriver, resulting in a faster fastener application.

T handle Screwdrivers in this selection feature a Torx 6 Lobe Drive End and are made of through-hardened, S2 modified steel for maximum durability. Additionally, the ergonomic grip is molded onto the screwdriver for a permanent bond. All T-Handle screwdriver drive ends are CNC machined for a precise fit in the fastener drive or recess.