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C1022 Steel - Black Phosphate + Oil Finish
Torx Floorboard screws

Thread Cutting Screws - Torx 6 Lobe Flat Head

Flat Head Type F 6 Lobe Drive Floorboard Thread Cutting Screws

Thread Cutting screws feature a thread cutting tip which makes threads in existing or pre-drilled holes. They provide a tight fit and high resistances to torque, shear, and tension when applied. Generally used for making threads in metal and wood, thread cutting screws do not generate the same stress as thread forming screws. Type F thread cutting screws feature a machine screw style thread and blunt tapered point with multi-cutting edges and chip cavities.

The Torx drive style (also known as Hexalobular, Star and 6 Lobe) features six points of contact within the fastener recess. This is a nontraditional drive style that is becoming increasingly widespread due to the efficiency of the design. The Torx 6 Lobe drive style is designed so that the driver will not slip out of the fastener recess during installation, since the driver is not inherently centered on the fastener. This lessens the chance of screw stripping as well as allowing for a higher torque installation.