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5/8"-11 Timber Bolt Hot Dipped Galvanized 307A Grade A

3/4"-10 Timber Bolt Hot Dipped Galvanized 307A Grade A

Timber Bolts

Timber Bolts

Oversized Dome Head Bolts in Hot Dip Galvanized Steel

A Timber bolt, also known as a Mushroom head bolt or Dome head bolt, is similar to a Carriage Bolt in appearance but with an oversized, heavy duty low profile head. Timber Bolts are typically used in marine and wood applications to protect timber structures from the elements. The underside of the oversize head of a timber bolt features rings that help prevent water from entering the hole and nubs or fins which prevent the bolt from turning. The timber bolt's oversize head eliminates the need for a washer on the bolt head side. Our Timber Bolts come in 3/4" and 5/8" size diameters.

A hot dipped galvanized finish consists of running a steel fastener through a molten zinc bath that creates a tightly bonded alloy finish. This finish creates a highly corrosion resistant finish in the fasteners. HDG products must be used exclusively when applied, meaning that a plain zinc nut or stainless nut cannot be applied to an HDG bolt.

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