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Type F - Slotted Indented Hex Washer Head Type F - Torx Flat Head
Zinc Plated
Black Phosphate + Oil Finish

Thread Cutting Screws

Screws come in a variety of Drive, Head, Thread, and Point styles

Thread Cutting screws feature a thread cutting tip which makes threads in existing or pre-drilled holes. They provide a tight fit and high resistances to torque, shear, and tension when applied. Generally used for making threads in metal and wood, thread cutting screws do not generate the same stress as thread forming screws.

Thread forming screws "push" the material they have been applied to so as to reduce the chipping on the applied material, though this comes at the cost of putting more stress on the thread forming fastener. Thread cutting screws cut into and remove chips from the applied material as the fastener creates the thread, providing a more secure fit, but it is not advisable to remove and reapply thread cutting screws multiple times to the same hole as the threads can overlap each other.

Thread cutting screws come in a variety of point styles.

Type F Thread Cutting Screws

Type F thread cutting screws feature a machine screw style thread and blunt tapered point with multi-cutting edges and chip cavities.