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18-8 Stainless Steel

Tamper Proof Socket Set Screws

Tamper Proof Socket Set Screws

Pin-In Hex Drive Set Screws

Socket Set Screws in this selection feature a hex drive with a central pin to prevent installation or removal with a standard hex bit or allen key. Socket Set Screws (also known as Grub Screws or simply Set Screws) are used in installations where a flush application surface is important. Set screws are ideal for this type of application because they are headless (blind) fasteners, which means that nothing will protrude above the application surface.

Blind fasteners also add another layer of security to a tamper proof assembly. Because they run flush with or even sometimes below the application surface they are less vulnerable to gripping devices such as pliers.

Set screws are commonly used in pulleys, tracks, manufacturing, surfboard fins, handles and grips.