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Break Away Shear Nuts Tri Groove Security Nuts

Tamper Proof Nuts

Security Nuts Designed to Resist Gripping Devices

Tamper proof nuts feature a tapered diameter, making the nuts resistant to gripping devices. Security Nuts are designed to be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to remove without a special socket or heavy tools. Varieties include Nuts that can be installed or removed with unconventional bits, or ones that break away on installation requiring a grinder or both extractor to remove after installing.

Security Nuts are commonly used with driver-less fasteners, such as carriage bolts for a secure assembly. If the nut is not easily accessible, the fastener assembly will be harder to be tampered with. Security Nuts are commonly used in public outdoor applications including campsites, parks, playgrounds, benches, cars and roof top tents to make them tamper resistant. Stainless Steel Security Nuts are perfect for this type of application since they are rust and corrosion resistant. Tamper proof nuts used with security screws are perfect for areas where vandalism is an issue.

Security Nuts are available in Zamak 5 Zinc Alloy and corrosion resistant Stainless Steel.

UNC Coarse thread sizes available in diameters up to 5/8 inch.

Tamper Proof Tri Groove Nuts

Tri Groove Nuts

Tri Groove security nuts feature a tapered diameter, making the nuts resistant to gripping devices. Security nuts are installed using a special Tri Groove socket, which grips the indentations along the outside of the fastener to turn the nut along a thread. Tri Groove nuts are also referred to as T Groove, Trident Drive and Coned Trident Drive Nuts.

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Breakaway Shear Nuts

Breakaway Shear Nuts

Shear Nuts (also known as Breakaway Nuts, Security Nuts and Break Off Nuts) are conical nuts with coarse threads designed for a permanent installation where preventing tampering with the fastener assembly is important. Break-Away Nuts get their name because of how they are installed. They require no special tool to install, however removal will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Each nut consists of a conical section topped by a thin, threadless standard hex nut that snaps or shears off when the nut is installed.

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