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T Handle Tap Wrenches

Ratcheting T Handle Tap Wrenches

T Handle Tap Wrench

T Handle Wrenches

T Wrenches used with a Tap to create an Internal Thread

Tap and Die sets are used to cut and restore internal and external threads precisely. A tap is used to form the female component of the assembly, as in the case of a nut or socket. A Tap is used for the internal threads. Tools like a T handle wrench are used with a tap to create or repair an internal thread. T Handle tap wrenches are useful in confined spaces or where extra reach is required. T Handles hold the end of a tap to provide extra leverage for hand tapping. T Handle Tap wrenches may also be used with screw extractors, drills, and other tools.

T Handle Tap Wrenches use a collet to firmly grasp the tap. A collet is a set of segmented metal pieces that form a collar around the tap. The nosecap of the T Handle is tapered and threaded and tightens the collet as you screw the nosecap up the T handle. The handle itself on T handle wrenches is adjustable and can be switched to either side of the wrench.