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Strap Clamp Saddles Universal Adjustable Strap Clamps

Strap Clamps

Universal Adjustable Strap Clamps and Saddles

Forged Universal Adjustable Strap Clamps are special clamps that can be modified for most situations to provide a firm grip on a workpiece while fastened to a workplace. The Strap clamp's shape is self positioning meaning one end (the front) holds the workpiece down while the other end rests against the workplace.

The grooves on the top of the strap clamp are intended to take a strap clamp saddle. The Saddle sits atop the clamp while a bolt is fastened through it, and the clamp, into the workplace, securing the whole piece together. Saddles can have their position, and by extension the angle of the strap clamp, adjusted thanks to the design of the grooves on the clamp and saddle.

Strap Clamp and Saddles are sold separately.

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