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Silicon Bronze Wood Screws

Square Drive Flat Head Wood Screws

Countersunk Flat Head Wood Screws with a Square Drive

Wood screws are partially threaded with large cutting threads and a smooth shank. Wood Screws are designed to adjoin two pieces of wood tightly and efficiently. Wood Screws are partially threaded with a shoulder below the screw's head designed to slide through the top pieces of wood so that it can pull both boards together tightly.

Square Drive Flat Head Wood Screws feature a countersunk, flat head so that the installed screw runs flush with the installation surface. They are driven with a Square Bit, which allows for a higher torque installation and also reduces stripping and cam-out experienced with other types of fastener drive styles.

Square Drive Flat Head Wood screws are available in Silicon Bronze so they are corrosion resistant and rust resistant. This type of finish makes the fasteners suitable for marine, corrosive and high heat environments.