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18-8 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Snake Eyes Screw

Spanner (Snake Eye) Truss Head Sheet Metal Screws

Tamper Proof Security Screws with a Truss Head and a Spanner Security (Snake Eye) Drive

Truss Head Tamper proof security screws with a Spanner (also known as a Snake Eye) drive. Spanner security screws are used for securing materials from being tampered with, such as gutters, license plates, grills in jails, schools, boats and cars. They are also used in food prep and processing areas. Security screws are commonly used in bathroom stalls and other public locations.

Spanner Sheet Metal Screws in this selection are made from industry standard 18/8 or 18-8 Stainless steel prevents rusting and is corrosion resistant in applications exposed to fresh water moisture. They feature an undercut head with an oversized, low profile domed top. This oversized head style creates a larger surface area, allowing for a wider distribution of force (the screw is less likely to be pulled through the fastened material). Truss Head Sheet Metal Screws feature cutting threads and a sharp point.

Diameter sizes available include: #6, #8, and #10.