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Solid Brass
Slotted Round Head Wood Screws

Slotted Round Wood Screws

Undercut Domed Top Screws for Wood to Wood Application

Slotted Round Head Wood Screws are designed to adjoin two pieces of wood tightly and efficiently. Wood Screws are partially threaded with a shoulder below the screw's head designed to slide through the top pieces of wood so that it can pull both boards together tightly. Slotted Round Head Wood Screws feature an undercut (flat bottom) head with a domed decorative top.

Slotted Round Head Wood Screws are made of Solid Brass, which is an alloy made of copper and zinc. The color of brass can vary from dark to light based on the zinc content; more zinc content produces lighter brass. Brass is prized for its corrosion resistance, however it is quite soft so it is not suitable for all applications. Brass conducts electricity and is also a good conductor of heat. It is often used in pipes, weather stripping, trim, radiators, and musical instruments.

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