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Break Away Nuts

Tamper Resistant Shear Nuts

Breakaway Nuts Designed to Prevent Tampering

Shear Nuts (also known as Breakaway Nuts, Security Nuts and Break Off Nuts) are conical nuts with coarse threads designed for a permanent installation where preventing tampering with the fastener assembly is important. Break-Away Nuts get their name because of how they are installed. They require no special tool to install, however removal will be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Each nut consists of a conical section topped by a thin, threadless standard hex nut that snaps or shears off when the nut is installed. The finished result resembles a Tri-Groove or Trident Nut, only it does not have the grooves for installation or removal.

Tamper Proof Shear Nuts are commonly used on signs, in hospitals, public spaces, playgrounds, schools and correctional facilities to secure a variety of equipment and protect against unwanted removal.

How to Install Breakaway Shear Nuts:

How to Remove Breakaway Shear Nuts:
(...It isn't easy!)