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Accessories For Power Tools

Saw Blades

Circular saw blades for use with chop saws and circular saws. Saw blades in this selection are cold cut saw blades and compatible with a variety of popular brands including Evolution, Milwaukee, Bosch, Dewalt and more.

Saw blades in this selection are designed by Evolution Steel for maximum performance and longevity. They cut with virtually no sparks and create an instantly workable burr-free cut.

CAUTION: Abrasive Saws and Cold Cut Saws operate at different Speeds respective to the blade type being used. Cold Cut Saw blades use a significantly lower RPM than abrasive saw blades. Unless you can adjust the RPM, NEVER put a cold cut saw blade in a saw that is rated to use abrasive saw blades as the vibration from the higher RPM can damage or destroy the cold cut saw blade.

Annular Cutters

Annular cutters are drill bits designed to be more time and energy efficient than standard twist drills or step drills when producing a shallow hole. They are used with Magnetic Drills and Drill Presses. Annular Cutters cut only the edge of the hole, rather than boring out the depth of the hole and them using a reamer. Cyclone Annular Cutter Bits produce a ream quality, burr-free hole without reaming or stepping so that holes are drilled quickly and accurately.

Driver Bits

Sure it may be possible with a screwdriver, but save time and effort with a power drill driver bit to work smarter, not harder. Bits in this selection feature a 1/4 inch power shank and are designed to be used with almost any adjustable hand power drill. Featured bits include: Tamper Proof Driver Bits, Magnetic Bit Holders and Magnetic Nutsetters.

Drill Bits

Twist Drills, Spade Bits, Ship Augers and more. If it involves making or finishing a hole with a power tool, this is where to find it.