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Sammys Wood Anchors for Vertical Applications

Sammys Wood Anchors for Horizontal Applications

Sammys Wood Rod Hanger Anchors

Wood Rod Hanger Anchors

Hanging Threaded Rod from Wood Structures

Sammys wood Rod Hanger Anchors used in the installation of threaded rod. These anchors install vertically into the underside of wood structures to hang the threaded rod which can, in turn, support industrial equipment, steel columns, sprinklers, and many other structural assemblies.

Sammys wood anchors do not need any pre-drilling prior to installation.

Please do not install Sammys wood anchors while the drill is in impact mode; doing so will destroy the pullout factor of the fastener.

We recommend using Sammys Nut Drivers to install Sammys rod hangers. They are designed with a unique spin-off feature to provide fast and safe installation. Sammys warranty will only apply if the Sammys nut driver is used for installations.

For information on the Warranty for Sammys products, please visit the ITW Buildex website.

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