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Safety Swivel Hoist Rings Black Oxide 4140 Alloy - Standard U-Bar - Select Size

Hoist Ring

Safety Swivel Hoist Rings

Standard U-Bar Hoist Rings

Safety Swivel Hoist Rings provide the maximum for lifting heavy loads and are designed to replace conventional lifting hardware. They are excellent for temporary attachment to steel and construction material. Safety Swivel Hoist Rings can Swivel 360 and pivot 180 to compensate for pitch, roll, and sway of heavy loads and have a Safety Factor of 5:1.

Safety Swivel Hoist Rings and Eyebolts share similar functions. Eyebolts provide vertical lifting at maximum capacity but can be damaged when the load is lifted at an angle, even so little as 10 off the zero line of force. Safety Swivel Hoist rings provide both vertical and angular load bearing abilities with no loss to rated load capacity at any angle of the 180 possible for a Safety Swivel Hoist Rings pivot.

Safety Swivel Hoist Rings from Albany County Fasteners have a Black Oxide finish and are Drop Forged, Passivated and Electropolished for a durable corrosion resistant finish. Inspected based upon ASTM E709-08 & MIL-STD-105 with zero permissible defects. The top of Safety Swivel Hoist Rings are marked with the Working Load limit and recommended torque value of that hoist ring. Safety Swivel Hoist rings are also 100% magnetic particle inspected. Available in AISI 4140 Alloy.

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Please follow Ken Forge's recommendations for load capacities of Safety Swivel Hoist Rings and their safety information for the installation and usage of them on the Ken Forge website.