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Hex Head EPDM Roofing Self Drillers

Roofing and Siding Screws in Stainless Steel

Self Drilling Screws for Roofing and Siding Applications

Self Drilling Screws with a Bonded Washer to create a sealed assembly

Stainless Steel Hex washer head self drilling screws with EPDM rubber and metal washer for metal roofing and siding applications and installations. Our Stainless Steel self drillers come with a drill point (TEK) for attaching metal roofing and siding panels to metal stud framing. They are normally fully threaded minus the drill point. Drill points come in TEK #2, 3, and 4-5. TEK self drills are based on the thickness of the metal you are penetrating, the typical 25 to 16 gauge will use a TEK 3 and 14 gauge and below will require TEK 4-5. Neoprene is the best rubber for metal building and siding applications to stop water from entering the building with long life spans.  Self drilling screws are manufactured in 410 stainless steel.