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#6-9 Phillips Sharp Point Drywall Screws - Black Phosphate

#6-18 Phillips Sharp Point Drywall Screws - Black Phosphate

#8 Phillips Sharp Point Drywall Screws - Black Phosphate

Drywall Screws

Phillips Drywall Screws - Black Phosphate

Self Tapping Phillips Drive Screws for Drywall and Particle Board Applications

Phillips Drive Drywall Screws feature a countersunk Bugle Head that runs flush with the installation surface. Drywall screws are commonly used to install drywall, gypsum board, and sheet rock to wooden or metal studs. Additionally, these versatile screws are used in wood, particle board, plastics and composite applications.

Sharp point Phillips Drywall screws feature a twinfast, self-tapping thread and an extra sharp point for fast and easy installation. Sharp Point Drywall Screws are commonly used for attaching sheet rock to wooden studs or metal studs 25 - 20 gauge thick. Longer sizes feature a shoulder beneath the head of the screw and are ideal for insulation or multiple layers of sheet rock.

Screws in this selection are made from AISI 1018 or equivalent steel with a Black Phosphate Finish for extended corrosion resistance. Black Phosphate screws are commonly used in drywall applications because the finishing process does not create any excess color or coating that might bleed into the sheet rock.