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3/32" (#3) POP Rivet 304 Stainless Steel

1/8" (#4) POP Rivet 304 Stainless Steel

5/32" (#5) POP Rivet 304 Stainless Steel

3/16" (#6) POP Rivet 304 Stainless Steel

1/4" (#8) POP Rivet 304 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Rivets

Stainless Steel POP Rivets

Open End Domed Blind Rivets in 304 Stainless Steel

POP Rivets, also known as blind rivets, are used to connect two pieces of material in quick, efficient way. Blind rivets are mainly used in applications where there is no access to the rear (blind side) of the joint. Rivets have a two piece construction; one is called the rivet body, shell, or hat and another is called the stem or mandrel. Both the hat and mandrel are pre-assembled and ready to use. Rivets are installed by using a riveting tool to draw the mandrel which causes the body to deform and clamp down on the joint. Upon reaching the designed clamping force, the mandrel snaps and is discarded. Rivet size and grip range is measured in installed length. IFI 114 Compliant.

Both the hat and mandrel of rivets in this selection are made of 304 Stainless Steel.

Stainless steel is used primarily for long lasting applications, due to its corrosion-resistant nature and durability. Scratching or burring the metal will not create surface rust as the corrosion resistance exists within the metal itself. Stainless Steel resists oxidizing and rusting, however it can tarnish over time.