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Threaded Inserts

Metric Thread Inserts in a variety finishes & sizes for increased Fastener holding power

Thread inserts are available in Solid Brass,18-8 Stainless Steel and 303 Stainless Steel. Metric Thread Inserts are designed for wood applications. External knife threads provide superior holding power in hard and soft woods, particle board and all wood products. Use wherever field assembly or disassembly could lead to thread erosion or stripping. The long pilot ensures straight driving into a drilled hole. Install with screwdriver, bolt and nut, tapping head, or EZ LOK driving tool.

Unlike coil inserts, which require a special drill, tap, and installation tool, E-Z LOK threaded inserts for metal are installed using standard tools. Simply drill the appropriately sized hole with a standard drill…tap the hole with a standard tap…and then turn in the E-Z LOK like an ordinary fastener with a screwdriver, bolt and jam nut, or an E-Z LOK drive tool.

Stainless Steel Helicoil Inserts are available in 18-8 or 304 Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is used primarily for long lasting applications, due to its corrosion-resistant nature and durability. Scratching or burring the metal will not create surface rust as the corrosion resistance exists within the metal itself. Stainless steel is a soft metal due to the low carbon content, therefore most stainless steel bolts are cold-formed and not heat treated or thru-hardened. Cold forming and threading causes stainless steel bolts to become slightly magnetic, some fasteners will be more magnetic than others depending on size and how quick the cold forming process is. Stainless steel fasteners are typically a clean silver color, which also makes them common in finishing and decorative applications. Stainless Steel should never be used with aluminum, corrosion may occur.

Solid Brass

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc. The color of brass can vary from dark to light based on the zinc content; more zinc content produces lighter brass. Brass is prized for its corrosion resistance, however it is quite soft so it is not suitable for all applications. Brass conducts electricity and is also a good conductor of heat. It is often used in pipes, weather stripping, trim, radiators, musical instruments, and firearms.