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Magnetic Tip Nut Setter

hex nut setter

Magnetic Nut Setters

Nut Drivers with a Magnetic Tip

Magnetic Nutsetters, also known as Hex Nut Setter Bits, feature a 1/4 inch shank, and can be used in most quick release impact drivers like a power hand drill. Magnetic Nut Setters hold the fastener being set in place with a high strength industrial magnet, freeing up the installer's hands, especially in tight spaces. This allows for more mobility and less effort involved in setting a nut. Nut setters in this selection are available in either a 1-3/4 inch or 2-1/2 long shank. Size of the hex drive is determined quickly by an etched identifier on the side of the bit. Nutsetters in this selection are made from S2 modified steel for professional performance, and are heat treated for extreme durability and to protect from wear.