Ledger Tape - WiseWrap Protective Decking & Fencing Flashing Tape

Ledger Tape | Wisewrap

Protective Flashing Tape for Decking Applications

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  • Maximize the life of a new or restored deck
  • Self-adhesive
  • Self-sealing
  • Doesn't require nails or screws to secure to the side of a house
  • Eliminates unsealed holes

Wisewrap Ledger Tape by DeckWise is a waterproof wood flashing and barrier material made with a rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive. Wisewrap Ledger Tape creates a waterproof seal to protect wooden components (mainly a deck's support structure) from moisture which can lead to wood rot and shortens the life of a deck significantly. Ledger Tape is commonly applied to decking ledger boards, decking posts, fencing posts, and around support posts. It is also used for a corrosion protection.

Wisewrap Ledger Tape offers a "Super Grip" adhesive which protects decking support structures and seals around installed deck screws, staples or lag screws which are the primary entryway for moisture into a wooden deck. Each Roll of Ledger Tape is 12 inches wide by 25 feet long.

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