Large Metal 21 Compartment Box - 2 pack

Large Metal Compartment Box - 2 Pack

21 Compartment Tray For Small Parts, Tools & Fastener Assortments

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SKU: 1060-208-2

Customization-ready Large Metal Compartment Boxes for fastener storage and sorting. Durable metal build with locking latch to ensures an effective protection and sorting of fasteners and small parts for shops and homes alike. Save time by knowing what you have, and where you have it at a glance.

2 Pack - Large Metal Compartment Boxes
Dimensions (each box): 12"(length) x 18"(width) x 3"(depth)

Features (each box):

  • 21 Compartments
    • 2.75"(length) x 3"(width) x 3" (depth) - 20 Square Compartments
    • 12"(length) x 4"(width) x 3" (depth) - Large Rectangular Compartment
  • Rounded corners for easy part retrieval
  • Large rectangular compartment for large part or tool storage
  • Removable tray
  • Deep compartments for easy fastener and small part storage
  • Blank Diagram Grid to keep track of what is in each compartment