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Lag Shield Expansion Anchors - Zinc Plated Steel

Lag Screw Expansion Anchors

Lag Screw Expansion Shield Anchors

Tapered Internally Threaded Expansion Shield Anchors for Lag Screws

Expansion Shield Anchors for use with Lag screws are designed to anchor into concrete, brick, and block. They consist of a pre-assembled two-part expansion shield that expands in the hole as the lag screw is fastened through the anchor. Lag screw expansion shield anchors also possess very precise tapered internal threading to permit easy turning and installation of a lag screw.

Comes in both short length variants for anchoring in high grade materials or where thickness of the material prohibits the usage of the longer length, and long length variants for anchoring in low grade materials or where extra anchoring strength is needed.

Zinc Plated Steel

Zinc plated steel is very common in the fastener industry. Zinc adds a layer of corrosion resistance to plain alloy steel. Clear zinc has a light, shiny color and blue zinc has a bright blue hue. Zinc plated steel is not suitable for extreme environment use, as it is not as resistant to corrosion as hot dipped galvanized.