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Wise Wrap Joist Tape - Protective Joist Flashing Tape
Joist Flashing Tape

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Wisewrap Joist Tape

Protective Flashing Tape for Decking Applications

Wisewrap Joist Tape creates a waterproof seal to protect wooden components from moisture which causes wood rot and shortens the life of a decking assembly. Joist Tape is commonly applied to the top of decking joists, over ledger boards, and around support posts, to create a waterproof seal that helps stop decay and wood rot. Wisewrap Joist Tape by DeckWise is a self sealing malleable polyethylene waterproof wood flashing and material, using a rubberized asphalt mastic adhesive.

Wisewrap Joist Tape features a "Super Grip" rubberized asphalt adhesive which protects decking support structures and seals around installed deck screws which are the primary entryway for moisture into a wooden deck. WiseWrap barrier tape will help to maximize the life of a new deck or restoration.

Each Roll of Joist Tape is 3 inches wide by 75 feet long.

Proudly Made in the USA

USA Made
Our Price: $28.98

Product Code: 6252-014


One Tape for Multiple Applications

WiseWrap Joist Tape can be placed between ACQ, CA-B, or ACZA treated lumber and metal surfaces, such as galvanized metal and aluminum, to create a physical barrier that prevents the corrosion of the metal surface caused by contact with the chemicals in treated lumber.

When protecting posts, Joist Tape should be applied at the ground level with 2 to 3 inches (5 - 7,5cm) extending above the finished grade. For you to be able to determine the proper location on the post for product placement, you will need to insert the post in the hole, mark the post to indicate the grade level, and then take the wood post out of the hole. To decide what the proper length of tape to use; do the following: without removing the white release paper, wrap the material around the post, making sure that there is enough material for a minimum 1 inch overlap. Cut the tape to the correct length. Remove the release paper and wrap it around the post while firmly pressing it into place. To maximize adhesion, roll it on with a small hand roller. To help provide added protection against deep standing water around the post, a small bead of non-silicone caulk may be used at the top edge of the joist barrier tape.

How to Apply Joist Tape:

Printable Application Guide - Single Joist

Printable Application Guide - Double Joist

All surfaces to receive Joist Tape must be clean, dry, and free from oil, grease and debris. Apply only when temperatures are 35F or warmer. Use construction grade spray adhesive in cold or difficult conditions. Attach with staples if necessary.

  1. Cut deck joist barrier tape to the proper length according to your stringer.
  2. When applying to the top edges and board ends of deck joists, center over the joist.
  3. Remove the release paper and press in place.
  4. Firmly wrap and fold the tape over both edge sides of the joist.
  5. To maximize tape adhesion, roll with a hand roller.

Cut Joist Tape to the proper length. When applying to the tops and ends of deck joists center material over joists. Remove release paper and press in place. Firmly crease and fold Joist Tape over both sides of the joist. To increase adhesion, roll with a small hand roller. When being used as a lumber/metal barrier, Joist Tape should be applied between the wood and the metal surfaces whenever they come in contact with each other. When placed between treated lumber and metal, Joist Tape eliminates the potential for the corrosion of the metal surface. When overlapping material end to end, a minimum two inch overlap is required. When overlapping from side to side, a one inch overlap is required. When applied to deck joists, WiseWrap Joist Tape creates a waterproof membrane that prevents wood rot and decay caused by the accumulation of moisture under the decking boards. WiseWrap Joist Tape self-seals around screws and nails blocking the primary pathway of water into lumber.

Joist Tape

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