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Ipe Clip Kits

Colored Ipe Clip Kits with Painted Deck Screws

Hidden Deck Fastener Kits with Colored Ipe Clips and 305 Stainless Steel Deck Screws

All Hidden Deck Fasteners sold by Albany County Fasteners are proudly Made in the USA

USA Made Ipe Clip Kits

Ipe Clip Kits offer everything you need to get started on a Hidden Deck Fastener System. Black Stainless Steel Ipe Clips with a protective colored polymer coating, as well as all of the additional fasteners required for an Ipe assembly. Ipe clip kits contain Ipe Clips, Trim Head Stainless Steel Deck Screws, Ipe Plugs, Bits and spacers depending upon the kit desired.

Ipe Clips, also known as hidden deck fasteners are used to install the boards of a deck to the main beams. Ipe Clips are used with pre-grooved boards (sometimes called Ipe Wood) as part of a hidden deck fastening system. For boards that are not grooved, slots for these clips can be added quickly with the use of a biscuit joiner or router.

These Ipe Clip Kits come with 305 stainless steel star drive deck screws. All included deck screws have painted heads matching the Ipe Clip color.

To order Gray Ipe Clip Kits, please call customer service at 866-573-0445 for details. Gray Ipe Clip Kits