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High Speed Steel


Taper Taps - Metric Sizes

Internal Thread Tools in UNC and UNF Metric Sizes

Tap and Die sets are used to cut and restore internal and external threads precisely. A tap is used to form the female component of the assembly, as in the case of a nut or socket. A Tap is used for the internal threads. Tools like a T handle wrench are used with a tap to create or repair an internal thread.

Metric Size Taper Taps have a more pronounced taper to their cutting edges. This gives taper taps a more gradual cutting action. Taper taps are most often used when the material to be tapped is difficult to work with or if the tap is of a very small diameter and prone to breakage. High Speed Steel Taper Taps in this selection are in Metric sizes.

Tap sizes should be one size larger than hole to be tapped. For example: M4 Hole = M5 Tap