Insulated (1000V) Slotted Flat Head Screwdriver - 7/32"

Flathead Insulated Electricians Screwdriver

(1000V) Insulated Screwdrivers | Size 7/32"

Insulated electicians screwdrivers are the electrician's choice, along with brass and silicon bronze fasteners, because their lack of electrical conductivity. Insulated screwdrivers are made with special materials to deter the transfer of electricity through a screwdriver to the user.

  • Feature a patented dual layer design
  • Offer greater protection against electrical shock
  • IEC 60900:2004 Safety Standards tested and certified
  • Ergonomic grip with dual material PP & TPV cushion providing slip resistance to chemicals, oil, and most solvents
  • SAE Compliant
  • Lifetime Warrenty
Size: 7/32" x 5" Slotted

Electricians screwdrivers are made with insulated materials to protect the user for up to 1000 volts. Making this electrical tool a must have for electricians.

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