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Plasma cutters and CNC machining tables are designed to automate and simplify the metal fabrication process. The possibilities of customization are virtually endless with a wide variety of sizes, styles and cutting methods. Not only do they open up the possibilities of what you can make, they also cut costs! A properly used CNC Cutting Table will save you time, money and headache. With no pre-heat time, parts can be made as needed quickly. No longer will you be ordering special parts and waiting weeks on end while they are outsourced. Simply machine them yourself and get your project done.

CNC Cutting Tables and cutting systems are used are used in custom metal fabrication to manufacture custom parts (or on a hobbyist level, to cut cool things out of steel). Cutting tables are highly customizable to offer varying levels of efficiency and use for everyone from a hobbyist to an assembly line or mass manufacturer.

CNC Cutting tables start with a base machine, but are custom designed for each order to fit any need. Popular sizes include 4 x 4 feet, 4 x 8 feet and 5 x 10 feet, but options are available for 2 x 2 feet to 20 x 200 and everything in between.

Industrial Cutter tables include Plasma Cutters, Router Tables, Water Jet Tables and CNC Pipe Cutters all designed time saving and highly precise custom metal fabrication. Whether it's for the hobbyist or the industrial manufacturing company, all tables are custom built to order.

Industrial Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutters

Arguably the most popular cutting style, Plasma cutting tables use a jet of hot plasma to cut through electrically conductive metals. These metals commonly include stainless steel, brass, steel, aluminum and copper, which is why these machines are often found in fabrication shops, automotive shops, scrapping operations and industrial construction. Plasma cutting tables offer precision machining in metal fabrication, and are valued for their high speed and lower cost.

CNC Plasma Cutting Tables are guided by an onboard computer or PC connection which guides the cutting torch head for sharp, clean cuts. This precision technology is designed for increased productivity and allows for manufacturing of custom parts and even decorative metalwork.

CNC Plasma Cutter Tables offer a variety of benefits that make them a worthy addition to any shop.

  • Fast cutting speed
  • Produce clean edges to cut down the finishing time
  • No pre-heating the work piece
  • Cut, pierce or bevel
  • Cut complex welding seams that would otherwise be impossible
  • Accurate and precision cuts
  • Accurate movement in all directions
  • Excellent for cutting medium to thick sheets of structural steel, high alloy steel and aluminum

CNC Plasma Cutters are available in Standard and High Definition plasma.

ALWAYS WEAR EYE PROTECTION WHEN USING A PLASMA CUTTER! Proper eye protection is a necessity to prevent damage to the eyes commonly seen in welding, as well as keeping your eyes safe from any debris.

water jet tables

Water Jet Tables

Water jet tables are valued for their high precision and clean finish. Additionally, water jet tables are the most environmentally friendly CNC machining table option because they use water to cut metal.

Water jets come in two varieties: waterjets and abrasivejets. Normal waterjets use only water to cut through materials. They are commonly bought when machining soft materials. Abrasivejets are a mixture of water and substance, like sand, to add an abbrassive cutting factor to the water. This enables them to cut through harder materials such as metal, stone or ceramic.

Water jet cutting does take longer than other methods, but is commonly used because of its precision in manufacturing precision. Additionally, parts that are machined from a water jet table do not have to be electrically conductive. They offer the added benefit of being extremely eco-friendly. With only water and particle (in the case of the abbrasive) to be discarded, they can both be easily disposed. The only situation where you need to recycle is if cutting into a material that is considered to be hazardous.

Industrial router tables

Router Tables

Router tables are used to make the routing of wood a simple task. A router has a bit that cuts wood as it passes by and removes a portion to accomplish an unusual design. They are used to help shape wood into elegant finished products. Router tables can be used to make trim edging, notches and shape wood in many other ways.

Router tables can also be outfitted with other cutting tools to work with materials like metal, and can serve as a framework for a larger machine.

Industrial pipe cutter

Pipe Cutters

Pipe and tube cutters are ideal for machining parts from metal tubing. Whether you're planning on making a simple clean cut or need to cut holes into the tube itself. These tables are built for just such a job.

A Look At What Plasma and Industrial CNC Tables Can Do