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Hidden Deck Fasteners

Hidden Deck Fasteners

Ipe Clips, Deck Screws & More - Everything Needed for a Hidden Deck Fastener System

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Ipe Clips and Ipe Plugs, also known as hidden deck fasteners are used to install the boards of a deck to the main beams. Ipe Clips are used with pre-grooved boards (sometimes called Ipe Wood) as part of a hidden deck fastening system. Ipe Clips hidden from sight are used to create a more professional finish. For boards that are not grooved, slots for these clips can be added quickly with the use of a biscuit joiner or router. Hardwood Plugs can be used in addition to or without Ipe Clips by face mounting boards to joists with trim head deck screws in countersunk holes, which are then plugged for a smooth finish. Both methods are designed to make the fasteners as inconspicuous as possible for a clean and sleek finish.

A hidden deck fastening system offers several benefits to standard deck installation obviously including the fact that the fasteners are virtually invisible in the finished application. These clips make it easier when trying to hide the screws in wood. This premium look is backed by practical benefits as well. An Ipe Clip hidden deck fastening system provides maximum hold-down power for each board, while still allowing for individual board expansion and contraction flexibility. This feature allows for even deck board spacing. Each clip is made out of hardened black oxide stainless steel with an UV and chemical resistant outer polymer shell for maximum durability, and designed to prevent over-driving of the countersunk star drive deck screws used to install them. Ipe Clips are engineered to provide perfect deck board spacing, allowing for the boards to expand and contract as weather conditions change.

Each Ipe Clip attaches a deck board to a joist or beam with the use of a 45 degree deck screw on one side. Ipe clips will also help with deck board spacing. The clip's polymer coating is colored, often as well as the screw, to be as inconspicuous as possible and provide a smooth, clean, finished look. They are the perfect deck fastening system.

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