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UNC (Coarse Thread) UNC (Coarse Thread) - American Made
UNF (Fine Thread) UNF (Fine Thread) - American Made
Grade 8 Hex Nuts

Grade 8 Hex Nuts

Finish Nuts in Yellow Zinc Plated Grade 8 Steel

Finish nuts, also known as finished nuts, hex nuts, and finish hex, are used for many fastening applications. Hex finish nuts are often used with hex cap screws, socket screws and bolts when mechanically joining materials together.

Hex finish nuts start at size 1/4"-20 and go all the way up to 1-1/4", they are available in fine thread and coarse thread. Hex Nuts in this selection are made of case hardened Zinc Plated Grade 5 Steel for an extra layer of protection and corrosion resistance.

Nuts in this selection are UNC coarse thread or UNF Fine thread and made of Grade 8 Yellow Zinc. Sizes of finished hex nuts listed are diameter by thread pitch.