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Hardwood Plugs and Plug Kits

Hardwood Plugs and Countersinking Tools for Hidden Deck Fastener Systems

All Hidden Deck Fasteners and Hardwood Plugs sold by Albany County Fasteners are proudly Made in the USA.

USA Made Wood Plugs USA Made Ipe Plugs

Hidden Deck Fasteners don't always mean Ipe Clips. Deck Builders and Clients each have their preferences, and a deck without visible screws often means countersinking the pilot hole, installing the screw and then plugging the top of the hole. This process is also required when installing an Ipe Clip system for the start and end boards.

This method of finishing is often used to create a smooth clean finish that highlights the natural look of the wood. Matching wood plugs are used to create a sleek and hidden finish, however contrasting wood plugs are also used to create a premium luxury look.

Hardwood Plugs, often called Ipe Plugs, are used as part of a decking system. First, a pilot hole is drilled into the deck board with a 3/8 inch countersink to accept the wood plug at the end of installation. Next, a trim head deck screw is installed into the hole to face screw the board into a joist or beam. A strong adhesive, such as Gorilla Glue, is then applied on top of the installed screw, which is used to hold the finishing wood plug in place.

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