Hardwood Plug Cutter Bits - 3/8" Plugs

3/8" Hardwood Plug Cutter Bit

Wooden Plug Cutting Drill Bits

SKU: 6252-010

Hardwood Plug Cutting Drill Bits are an excellent back up plan to running out of wood plugs on the job site. Imagine having to delay a job because you are short a few plugs. Instead of placing a new order and delaying the finish of the decking installation, you can simply cut yourself a few plugs out of scrap wood from the job with just a drill bit! The DeckWise® Premium Hardwood Plug Cutter is the right toolbox addition to finish any decking job, today, instead of next week.

Premium Grade Hardwood Plug Cutters feature a patented self-centering design with a spring loaded guide pin to create an anti-skate design to stabilize cutting while eliminating roughing and scoring of wood surfaces. The bit's design also features extra sharp teeth specifically designed to cut through exotic hardwoods and achieve a smooth tapered plug even with the most dense of hardwoods, such as Ipe.

Plug Cutters in this Selection are used to cut 3/8" Plugs.

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