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#8 Trim Head Star Drive Deck Screw 305 Stainless Steel - Hardwood Brown

Painted Head Deck Screws

Brown Painted Trim Head Deck Screws

305 Stainless Steel Star Drive Deck Screws with Colormatch Painted Brown Trim Heads

305 Stainless Steel is commonly used for Stainless Steel Deck Screws because Grade 305 Stainless is naturally corrosion and rust resistant making these screws suitable for exterior applications exposed to fresh water moisture.

Stainless Steel Trim Head Deck Screws in this selection feature a countersunk, flat head that has been painted to match the decking materials being used. Painted Head Deck Screws feature a Type 17 auger point for easy installation and retention in deck boards and joists whether they are wood, hardwood or composites.

Trim Head Deck Screws are commonly used with Ipe Clips and other Hidden Deck Fasteners because they have a tighter head than a standard Bugle Countersunk Deck Screw. Various colors are available to match the materials being used, or the shadow created by the deck boards, to make the screws as inconspicuous as possible for a sleek finish.

Painted Head Deck Screws