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Joist Hanger Nails - Barbed Shanks - 316 Stainless Steel

Joist Hanger Nails

Framing Connector Nails

Nails for Decking, Connector Anchors, and Joist Hangers

Framing nails are used to connect joists and framing connectors to the wooden deck framing. They have a high shear strength to resist forces that make a material's internal faces slide parallel past each other. Storms, hurricanes, and high winds can cause shear stress in materials.

For these reasons, nails are recommended over screws for installing connectors to the decking framework as screws lack the needed shear strength to resist shear stress.

Framing connector nails can come in many variations, but for connecting decking anchors such as joist hangers, hurricane ties, angled straps, and post caps, joist hanger nails are most often used.