Evolution Cutting Blades For Saws - Rated For Mild Steel

Evolution Saw Blades - Steel

Cutting Blades For Saws Rated For Steel Applications

Evolution Industrial Cold Cut Cutting Blades utilize premium features to be better than your average saw blade. These cold cut blades have a robust and durable design, cutting without producing heat, a burr, and having virtually no sparks to create an instantly workable finish. They can last as long as 20 or more abrasive blades of the same type.

These Saw Blades are rated for cutting Mild Steel materials such as square tube, angle iron, mild steel plate, pipe, tube, and other ferrous metals. The cutting blades are not limited to the these materials, but perform at their peak when cutting them specifically.

CAUTION: Abrasive Saws and Cold Cut Saws operate at different Speeds respective to the blade type being used. Cold Cut Saw blades use a significantly lower RPM than abrasive saw blades. Unless you can adjust the RPM, NEVER put a cold cut saw blade in a saw that is rated to use abrasive saw blades as the vibration from the higher RPM can damage or destroy the cold cut saw blade.

WARNING: We DO NOT recommend using this blade for cutting materials with a diameter less than a #10. If you need to cut smaller diameter materials, we recommend Thin Steel Blades.

Steel Cutting Blades From Evolution

  • Cuts mild steel without heat, burrs or coolant.
  • Virtually No Sparks
  • Creates an Instantly Workable Finish

Diameter Arbor Number of Teeth Thickness Max RPM Part Number
7" 20mm 36 0.078" 3900 180BLADEST
7-1/4" 20mm & 5/8" (With Arbor Reducer) 40 0.078" 5800 185BLADEST
7-1/4" 5/8" 40 0.078" 5800 7-1/4BLADEST
8" 5/8" 50 0.078" 5200 8BLADEMS
9" 1" 48 0.078" 3000 230BLADEST
10" 1" & 5/8" (With Arbor Reducer) 52 0.078" 5200 10BLADEST
12" 1" 60 0.083" 1600 12BLADEST
14" 1" 66 0.094" 1600 14BLADEST
15" 1" 70 0.094" 1600 15BLADEST

Cutting Blades From Evolution Are Cross Compatible with Chop Saws & Circular Saw From:

  • DeWalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Bosch
  • Black & Decker
  • Ryobi
  • Metabo
  • Makita
  • Hitachi
  • And Many More!

Note: while Evolution Brand Saw Blades are cross compatible with other brands' Chop Saws and Circular Saws, Evolution brand cutting blades work best with Evolution brand Chop Saws and Circular Saws.

ALWAYS wear eye protection when cutting or drilling.

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