Evolution Arbor Reducers

Evolution Arbor Reducers

Arbor Reducers Used To Reduce The Arbor ID for Use With Different Machines

Evolution Industrial Cold Cut Cutting Blades can be used on many brands and types of machines. In order to make standard 1" arbors work on machines that use a 5/8" arbor, Evolution has designed an arbor reducer that allows the conversion of a 1" or 20mm arbor into a 5/8" arbor.

CAUTION: Abrasive Saws and Cold Cut Saws operate at different Speeds respective to the blade type being used. Cold Cut Saw blades use a significantly lower RPM than abrasive saw blades. Unless you can adjust the RPM, NEVER put a cold cut saw blade in a saw that is rated to use abrasive saw blades as the vibration from the higher RPM can damage or destroy the cold cut saw blade.

Arbor Reducers From Evolution

  • Transforms Imperial and Metric Arbors
  • Reduces arbor from 1" (20mm) to 5/8"
  • Allows change in arbor size for blades to fit different size machines

Cutting Blades From Evolution Are Cross Compatible with Chop Saws & Circular Saw From:

  • DeWalt
  • Milwaukee
  • Bosch
  • Black & Decker
  • Ryobi
  • Metabo
  • Makita
  • Hitachi
  • And Many More!

Note: while Evolution Brand Saw Blades are cross compatible with other brands' Chop Saws and Circular Saws, Evolution brand cutting blades work best with Evolution brand Chop Saws and Circular Saws.

ALWAYS wear eye protection when cutting or drilling.

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