Drill & Drive - 3 in 1 Drill Bit Set

Drill and Drive 3 in 1 Drill Bit Set

Simplify the Decking Fastener Installation Process - One Bit for 3 Processes

SKU: 6252-016

Simplify the decking fastener installation process with this 10 piece set to pre-drill, countersink, and drive deck screws in one tool that fits in your drill. This tool can increase prep and install speed up to 3 times faster than standard drilling & driving. Each Drill and Drive Kit includes:

  • Quick Change Locking Collar
  • 1/8" High Speed Drill Bit and 3/8" Countersink Tool with T15 Star Drive Tip Quick Flip Tool
  • Three 1/8" drill bits with a 3/8" countersink
  • On-Board Hex Key
  • Four T15 Star Drive Tips
USA Made

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