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Double Expansion Shield Anchors - Zinc Plated Steel

Double Expansion Anchors

Double Expansion Shield Anchors

Internally Threaded Expansion Shield Anchors for Suspect Materials

Double Expansion Shield Anchors are suited to anchor into materials of questionable strength such as materials that may be soft or of low quality. This is due to the design of the double expansion anchor as it expands upon its entire length, maximizing friction and holding power even in low quality or suspect materials. Can be used in brick, block, and stone as well.

Consists of two expansion cones (one threaded, one not) and spring steel bands that wrap the halves together. Expansion of the band or shield occurs on installation.

When installed, the anchor sets flush with the base material and is designed to accept a machine threaded bolt or screw. Recommended for applications that deal in shear loads or where the bolt is subjected to side pressure or vibration. Holding values of the anchor are unaffected by the removal and replacement of screws or bolts after the anchor's installation.

Zinc Plated Steel

Zinc plated steel is very common in the fastener industry. Zinc adds a layer of corrosion resistance to plain alloy steel. Clear zinc has a light, shiny color and blue zinc has a bright blue hue. Zinc plated steel is not suitable for extreme environment use, as it is not as resistant to corrosion as hot dipped galvanized.