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Standard Joist Hangers - 316 Stainless Steel

Concealed Flange Joist Hangers - 316 Stainless Steel

Skewed Joist Hangers - 316 Stainless Steel

Deck Framing Joist Hanger Anchors

Deck Framing Joist Hangers

Framing Connectors for Decking Applications

Joist Hangers are metal angles or straps used to support and fix the ends of wood or timber joists to beams or girders. They are typically used to help form the floor on decking applications and are attached to the ledger board of a deck, anchoring themselves and the joists to the deck framing. Joist Hangers wrap around three sides of a joist forming the parallel pattern often seen that make up deck floors, prior to being covered.

In decking applications, the height of a joist hanger should match the depth of the joist being used. The number of holes in a given joist hanger dictate the amount of nails expected to be used to make a secure connection. In addition, joist hangers are designed with special holes for Double-Shear nailing, or "toe-nailing," to provide a very strong connection to the joists being fastened. If installed correctly, joist hangers will keep decks and floors strong as the wood dries, twists, shrinks, and ages.

It is not recommended to mix metals during application. For example, a stainless steel joist hanger should be used with the same grade of stainless steel nails. In addition, only nails should be used when installing joist hangers.

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