Deck and Wood Cleaner - Hardwood Cleaner Part 1 - 16oz.

Deck and Wood Cleaner

Prepare Lumber for Stain and Restore Natural Wood Color

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Wood and Deck Cleaner is used primarily to remove contaminants like mold, oxidation / graying, algae, dirt and deteriorating failed finish from deck boards. This process also serves as the preparation step for re-oiling and applying wood oil finishes to help restore the natural wood color and grain patterns.

Deck and Wood Cleaner Part 1 from DeckWise is a concentrated powder used with water to create a wood cleaning solution. Each 16oz container will make up to five gallons of solution, however tougher jobs may require a more concentrated mixture so the amount and coverage may be lower. Deck and Wood cleaning powder is specially designed to cleanse exterior hardwood decks, wood fences, terraces, hardwood siding, deck railings, patios, benches, chairs, and other outdoor wood items.

Deck and Wood Cleaner is Eco Friendly, as it is an oxygenated hardwood cleaner that contains the active ingredient Sodium Percarbonate. This is actually a registered compound by the Environmental Protection Agency for mildew and mold removal. Following the guidelines on the Wood Cleaner Part 1 label, the product is safe to use. It will not harm your wood, plants, or grass, as they are bio-degradable.

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