Deck and Wood Brightener - Hardwood Cleaner Part 2 - 16oz.

Deck and Wood Brightener

All Natural Hardwood Color restoration

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Deck and Wood Brightener (Wood and Deck Cleaner Part 2) is used primarily after Deck and Wood Cleaner to remove tannin stains from hardwoods, as well as stripping the wood of dirt, rust, grime and fungi stains. Tannins occur naturally in many woods, and appear as dark discolorations once the lumber has been exposed to moisture.

Deck and Wood Cleaner Part 2 from DeckWise is a concentrated powder used with water to create a wood cleaning solution. Each 16oz container will make up to five gallons of solution, however tougher jobs may require a more concentrated mixture so the amount and coverage may be lower. The recommended mixture ratio is 4 parts Deck and Wood Brightener for every 1 part water. Deck and Wood brightening powder is formulated specially to cleanse exterior hardwood decks, wood fences, terraces, hardwood siding, deck railings, patios, benches, chairs, and other outdoor wooden items.

Part 2 of this solution is an oxygenated hardwood brightener that contains the active ingredient Oxalic Acid and is also a pH neutralizer. The brightener will re-establish the pH level regarding your hardwood which causes it to become neutrally balanced and ready for oiling or staining. We recommend using DeckWise Ipe Oil for a premium finish. Once neutral, hardwoods are ready to accept the stain or oil finish more evenly which will increase the lifetime of the finish.The objective of Deck and Wood Brightener is to brighten the woods color while canceling the caustic impact from hardwood cleansers and deck stain strippers. It additionally assists to prepare new hardwood decking and siding by stripping mill glaze. It can additionally be applied to remove rusty areas from concrete, brick, and masonry.

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