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D-Rings C1045 Carbon Steel D-Ring Weld-On Clips C1018-C1020 Carbon Steel
D-Ring Bolt-On Clips C1018-C1020 Carbon Steel

D-Rings and Clips

Forged D-Rings are tie-down metal rings shaped like the letter D primarily used as lashing points. They are typically secured to a surface using either a bolt-on clip or a weld-on clip. Once installed, the D-Ring serves as a tie down or attachment for rope or chain for lifting.

D-Rings can be secured to surfaces with either a Bolt-On clip or Weld-On clip. The Bolt on clip features pre-punched mounting brackets to permit installation using bolts or screws. The Weld-On Clip requires the usage of a welding tool to attach the D-Ring to a metal surface.

Albany County Fasteners D-Rings are not designed to be used as a safety or fall protection device.

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