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1/8" (#4) POP Rivet Copper / Brass

Copper Pop Rivets

Copper / Brass POP Rivets

Open End Domed Blind Copper Rivets with a Brass Mandrel

POP Rivets, also known as blind rivets, are used to connect two pieces of material in quick, efficient way.

POP Rivets are tubular, comprised of a hat and mandrel; the length of the mandrel is snapped off when installed. The Rivet is made of Copper and is domed with a mandrel made of Brass. Copper blind POP rivets with Brass mandrels are best for fastening copper or brass sheet where corrosion and decoration are important factors.

Copper pop rivets are perfect for most environments because they possesses superior thermal and electrical conductivity, is non magnetic, and corrosion resistant. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc gaining superior corrosion resistance but it also becomes quite soft and as such is not suitable for all applications.