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Cool Creations Contest

Share Your Project for a Chance to Win!

Here at Albany County Fasteners we know that fasteners keep the world together. They are pieces needed to create something bigger, something beautiful, something practical ...or just something really cool!

We love to see what our customers are making with our fasteners, so we are announcing a weekly contest to highlight these cool creations and celebrate the community of makers, builders, engineers and creatives that keep our doors open!

Each Week we will be selecting one of our favorite projects, builds or creations to be featured on our YouTube channel, and the winner will receive a $25.00 store credit to help fund future creations!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Radiator Guards ATV Guards

Congratulations to Randall E from Kodiak, Alaska! Randall makes undercarriage guards for use on All Terrain Vehicles. Randall uses our flat socket cap screws and finishing cup washers for a sleek finished look. His armor plated guards keep vehicles operating well while also looking great! Thank you for sharing this cool creation with us!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Pen Side Colored Pens

Congratulations to John N from Grant's Pass, Oregon! John makes high quality bonafide machine pens in multiple colors! He uses our button socket screws to hold them together. We really liked how much effort you put into making sure your pens are one of a kind! Thank you for sharing your cool creation with us and enjoy your fastener funds!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Slot Machine Insides Slot Machine Chasis

Congratulations to Jack P from Olathe, Kansas! Jack rebuilds antique slot machines using our machine screws, nuts and washers. Brass slotted machine screws help the antiques hold their value and maintain the original design of these cool toys! Thank you for sharing your cool creation with us and enjoy your fastener funds!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Jeep Axle Jeep Rebuild

Congratulations to Kavan N of Alvarado, Texas. Kavan is rebuilding a blue jeep wrangler with our grade 8 yellow zinc bolts, washers and nylon lock nuts. Thank you so much for sharing your cool creation with us! We are happy to see that your project is coming along and we look forward to seeing the completed project one day!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

table benches

Congratulations to Meghan from Rosamond in California! Meghan made a beautiful table and benches with our hot dip galvanized bolts, washers and nuts. Their combination creates a beautiful and rustic look that can withstand the test of time. Thank you again for sharing your cool creation with us Meghan! We look forward to more amazing cool creations!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Truck Frame Truck Frame Cool Creations

Congratulations to Mitch from Cedar Creek Collision in South Carolina! His team is rebuilding and frame of a 2015 Freightliner Cascadia. Using grade 8 Zinc hex bolts of assorted lengths for the frame and stainless steel torx machine screws on the cab. It's dirty work but someone has to do it! Thanks for showing us your cool creation. We look forward to seeing the completed project Mitch!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Nut Jewelry Jewelry Cool Creations

Congratulations to Mary of Tuscon, Arizona for winning this weeks Cool Creations Contest! Mary creates beautiful pieces of jewelry out of hex nuts in many different materials. For men and women, many of her pieces are unisex and she will even make custom jewelry per customer order. Check out her products on Etsy, her store is called Moonstone Mary. Thanks for sharing your cool creations with us Mary!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Cornhole Board Cornhole Board Cool Creations

Congratulations to Deborah L. from Fairfield Custom Cornhole who uses our stainless steel carriage bolts, wing nuts and washers to hold her custom cornhole boards together! We love the custom work and the American flag board is our favorite! Thank you for submitting your cool creation. We look forward to seeing more of your designs!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Wheel Barrow Side View Custom Wheel Barrow

Congratulations to Dan V. From Muscle & Arm Farm on winning this weeks cool creations contest! Using carriage bolts to construct a Garden Cart that works as hard as he does! This cart is made primarily out of laser cut stainless steel to maximize its life. Used as a "lifting" cart and designed with a hand truck in mind, This is without a doubt a super cool creation. We admire the ingenuity and hope to see more of your cool creations in the future!

Congratulations to This Week's Winner!

Chem Blade Chem Blade Cool Creations

Congratulations to Ethan of Eck Fabrications who uses our 1/4"-20 x 3/4" Hex Cap Screws as well as washers and nylon lock nuts for the production of the Chem-Blade product line. The Chem-Blade is used in a very corrosive environment cutting open, emptying, and cleaning chemical jugs & bags for the the agricultural industry. We look forward to seeing your creations and product line continue to grow and serve the agricultural industry!

Congratulations to our first Cool Creations Contest Winner!!

Fresnel Light Fresnel Light two

Dave from Brickyard VFX "scrounged all over the world" to find the parts he needed to rebuild this vintage Fresnel Lighthouse Lens. Albany County Fasteners is proud that we were able to supply the silicon bronze hex cap screws they needed to restore this beautiful lens to its former glory. Congratulations Dave! We look forward to seeing more of your work!

How To Enter:

Email pictures and a brief description of your projects and the fasteners used to In order to win, be sure to include the following:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Which Fasteners You Used
  • Account Number or Account Email (if available)

Example Submission:

Cool Creations Example

Prizes (1 Each Week): $25 gift certificate (store credit) to, project photos and details featured in a video posted to our YouTube Channel.

Terms: Enter via email ( each week. Entries must be submitted Monday through Friday (each week is a new entry period). Winners will be selected and announced the following Wednesday. Projects must contain fasteners purchased from and must be created by the person entering the contest for consideration. Management reserves all rights.

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