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Grade A325 Heavy Hex Structural Bolts - CLEARANCE
Structural Bolts

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A heavy hex bolt is a cap screw or bolt with a hexagonal head, designed to be driven by a wrench (spanner). Heavy Hex Bolts are larger and thicker than standard hex cap screws, particularly in the hex head portion which is thicker and slightly larger than the hex heads of hex cap or tap screws of the same size.

Structural A325 Heavy Hex Bolts are strong heavy duty bolts that are typically used for creating structures through steel to steel structural connections such as buildings and bridges. They are often applied alongside structural nuts and washers to metal beams and girders. Compatible with A563 and F436 Structural Fasteners.

These A325 Structural Heavy Hex Bolts are made of Plain Steel and may contain a light coating of oil for corrosion resistance.