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Evolution Chop Saw

Chop Saws

Quality Tools for Fast, Precise Cuts

Chop Saws, also known as cut-off saws, are precision power tools used to make straight cuts in various materials ranging from mild steel to stainless steel to wood and so on, depending on the blade installed. In some ways, they are stationary versions of circular saws but are faster and much more precise to use.

Chop Saws come in 2 varieties: Abrasive saws and Cold Cut, or Dry Cut Saws. Abrasive saws use friction to grind and cut through materials and require higher RPM to run abrasive blades effectively. Cold Cut Saws use a serrated blade to cleanly cut materials, often with little or no sparks or dust. Abrasives create a lot of sparks and often leave burrs behind while cold cut saws are designed to create an instantly workable finish while having the lowest cost per cut compared to other chop saws.

CAUTION: Abrasive Saws and Cold Cut Saws operate at different Speeds respective to the blade type being used. Cold Cut Saw blades use a significantly lower RPM than abrasive saw blades. Unless you can adjust the RPM, NEVER put a cold cut saw blade in a saw that is rated to use abrasive saw blades as the vibration from the higher RPM can damage or destroy the cold cut saw blade.